Liquid Level Sensors Float Switches & Level Sensors

Vertical Sensors

Vertical float switches from SMD Fluid Controls are ideal for tank level sensing applications where top or bottom mounting is required. These reed switches are available in either normally open or normally closed configurations, and in a variety of materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and others for broad chemical compatibility with a variety of liquid media. Each of our switches is customizable to meet the demands of nearly any industry. Common applications for SMD Fluid Controls’ vertical float switches include aquariums, HVAC, medical, marine uses, wastewater treatment, chemical processing, breweries and wineries, bioprocessing, and more.

Horizontal Sensors

Horizontal float switches from SMD Fluid Controls are ideal for tank level sensing applications where side mounting is required. In addition to standard horizontal reed switches, SMD Fluid Controls also offers side-mounted vertical switches at 90-degree angles, allowing for the functionality of a vertical switch in side-mount configurations (useful where the nature of the media being measured could interfere with the proper function of a traditional horizontal switch). Custom and OEM options are available, with materials such as plastic, nylon, stainless steel, and others for versatile chemical compatibility in a variety of applications.

Custom Multi-Level Float Switches

When multiple point-level detection is required in a tank where top or bottom mounting is ideal, SMD Fluid Controls’ multi-level float switches are the perfect solution. Custom-designed with multiple vertical reed switches mounted on a single unit, these space-saving switches are great for precise point-level monitoring at a multitude of tank levels. Multiple sizes and materials are available.

Submersible Liquid Level Sensors & Pressure Transducers

SMD Fluid Controls’ downhole submersible liquid level sensors work by measure hydrostatic pressure from the bottom of a tank or vessel. Because of their narrow size and the potential for extremely long lead-out lengths, these liquid level sensors are ideal for applications with narrow tanks or vessels, or those involving depths of up to several hundred feet. Because of the nature of hydrostatic pressure level sensing, SMD’s submersible liquid level sensors are also useful in applications where continuous level sensing is required.

Optical Sensors

These compact, high-tech liquid level sensors use infrared light to detect the presence or absence of fluid, making them ideal for point-level detection in high-stress environments. Because they use no moving parts, optical liquid level sensors are also useful in applications where traditional float switches would not operate. Optical liquid level sensors offered by SMD Fluid Controls include the OS950 miniature plastic model, and the OS150 stainless steel model (functional in high-pressure environments up to 2,500 PSI). Common applications for optical liquid level sensors include medical equipment (dialysis machines, medical appliances), washers, pressurized vessels, refrigeration units, hydraulic applications, and more.

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic liquid level sensors offer non-contact, continuous level measurement by measuring the acoustic resonance of high-frequency sound pulses. Highly accurate and versatile, these liquid level sensors can be used in applications involving normally problematic liquids, such as corrosive acids, wastewater, potable water, and others. Switched relay or digital output configurations are available.


Level Sensor Types

Level Sensor
or Non-Contact
or Continuous
More Info
& Pricing
Vertical Top or Bottom Contact 250° C 750 PSIG Point Level Click Here
Horizontal Side Contact 125° C 125 PSIG Point Level Click Here
Submersible Pressure Sensors N/A Contact 80° C N/A Continuous Click Here
Optical Side Contact 125° C 250 PSIG Point-Level Click Here
Ultrasonic Top Non-Contact 90° C 5,000 PSIG Continuous Click Here