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Custom Multi and Dual Liquid Level Switches

When it comes to customizing a multi-level float switch, SMD Fluid Controls is one of the very best in the industry. Beginning with our base models, including full-size and miniature stainless steel float switches and a full-size plastic unit, you can configure and customize to work with one to six fluid levels to meet a near-endless number of needs. We also have made it simple for pump up and pump down applications, by having 18 different Dual Level configurations, premade and ready for shipment. If you have already determined the technical specifications required for your application, simply use our interactive configurator tool. If your project is still in more preliminary stages, our engineers can work with you to design a multi-point tank level switch that works for your application to indicate or maintain fluid levels.

For more information on float switch customization and engineering, and resources on submitting a custom project, please visit our Application Notes, click the images below to learn more about our FM series of multilevel switches, or visit our blog to learn more about customizing.

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