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OS2 Digital Optical Level Sensor

Polysulfone / trogamid® compact digital optical level sensor suited for a wide variety of applications and fluids.


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Product Description

The OS2 optical is a small point level sensor with built-in electronics and works with no moving parts. Optical sensors are an optimal choice when looking for non contact liquid level sensing. This mini optical liquid level sensor detects the presence or absence of almost any fluid type in temperatures up to 125°C.

Offered in either polysulfone or trogamid®, these low cost sensors provide low power consumption and a small sensor footprint. This sensor is best suited for low power signaling of liquid presence/absence. The OS2 features different thread size options as well as the choice of internal or external mounting.

The main advantages of optical level sensors are their compact size, lack of moving parts, their low cost, while being extremely accurate for point level detection in high-stress environments. Optical liquid sensors operate accurately in any size tank and are effective for leak detection. The monitoring and prevention of leaks is critical for preventing/avoiding service interruptions. Also protecting equipment is critical to many industries.



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Product Number Configuration

Housings 1, 2, 6, and 7 are mounted externally. Housings 3 and 5 are mounted internallySensor Termination: 24AWG, 250mm PTFE wires, 8mm tinned


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OS2 Digital Optical Level Sensor

Spec Part
Switch Type Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Voltage Supply Current Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage
OS2-XX-10D3-X Quote Current Sink 125° C 100 psi N/A 15.4 VDC 2.5 mA N/A N/A