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FN20 – Mechanical Sump Switch

Durable mechanical sump pump float switch is a common sensor hiding in most sump pumps, septic tanks, and basement pumps.

Float Switch Handling

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Product Description

The FN20 Mechanical Sump Switch is commonly used in Home applications like sump pumps and basement pumps. This sump float switch may also be used for septic tanks and ejector pumps. Available in pump up or pump down configurations. These float switches are fully customizable to meet a variety of commercial, industrial, or other uses. Sump level switches are durable, making them ideal for direct pump control up to 1/2 HP at 120 VAC or 1 HP at 240 VAC. Standard features include a 20’ foot 16/2 SJOW Cable with 120 VAC plug and a stainless steel pipe clamp mounting assembly.

These variable-level single ball float switches feature piggyback design and simple on/off functionality and are ideal for consumer or industrial use. While sump switch failure is common among many commercial brands, rest assured that SMD Fluid Controls offers superior craftsmanship alongside the kind of reasonable prices you expect from national brands.


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FN20 – Mechanical Sump Switch


Max Switching
Max Switching
FN20-A017 Mechanical (NC) 50 A - 1/2 HP 240 VAC 90° C 25 PSIG 0.40 Quote
FN20-A014 Mechanical (NO) 50 A - 1/2 HP 240 VAC 90° C 25 PSIG 0.40 Quote