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SMD Fluid Controls Engineering Design Services

SMD Fluid Controls can engineer a solution for nearly any liquid sensing or fluid handling application. Our engineering team has expertise in many sensing technologies, allowing us to help you choose the best technology for your application.

Our liquid level sensing technologies include:

  • 路 Float switch
  • 路 Ultrasonic
  • 路 Optical
  • 路 Capacitive
  • 路 Force (weight scales)
  • 路 Pressure

This allows us to service a range of price targets, accuracies, and configurations. Our sensors can be point or continuous; invasive (contacting the fluid) or noninvasive (non-contact sensors).

In addition to liquid level, we can design sensors to measure other fluid properties including:

  • 路 Flow rate
  • 路 Pressure
  • 路 Temperature
  • 路 Total accumulated mass
  • 路 Presence of air bubbles
  • 路 Density
  • 路 Speed of sound (for liquid identification)
  • 路 Occlusions (blockages)

In-House Manufacturing Capabilities

Our in-house design team will work with you to choose the correct technology, materials (chemical compatibility), and sensors for your application. We can design electronics for any output configuration including wireless data transmission (Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wifi).

Our engineering team has access to the best CAD, FEA, and circuit design software. We maintain close relationships with suppliers for services including injection molding, piezoceramics, machining, PCB manufacturing and assembly, gaskets and coatings, electrical discharge machining (EDM), cutting (laser, water-jet, etc.), 3D printing, welding (electron beam, laser, TIG, ultrasonic), and finishing (electropolishing, anodizing, etc.).

The majority of our products are assembled at our USA or UK facilities. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include:

    • 路 Fine Soldering
    • 路 Assembly (electronic and mechanical)
    • 路 Bonding, epoxy, potting (UV-cure, 1-part, 2-part dispensing systems)
    • 路 Sputter deposition, gaging
    • 路 Welding
    • 路 Class 100 cleanroom
    • 路 Full layout inspection capability
    • 路 Calibration and Testing
      • – Electrical testing
      • – Force and pressure testing
      • – Flow rate
      • – Environmental chambers
      • – Bubble generation and bubble sensor testing (validation studies and reports for FDA approval)
    • 路 Inspection (including CMM)
    • 路 Viscoelastic tube characterization
    • 路 Production tooling and fixturing
    • 路 Rapid prototyping
    • 路 In-house 3D printing (FDM)