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Custom Solutions: Liquid Level Sensor Available for Customization

SMD Fluid Controls can modify standard parts or design custom fluid sensors to meet a customer’s specific needs. Virtually all of our float switches can be customized, with specialized modifications available to accommodate temperature, pressure, depth, materials, fitting, and more.

Ask us about customizing these parts to fit your needs, and contact us to schedule a consultation:


Switches and sensors can be created to mount on the top, bottom, or sides of any vessel; submersible pressure-based sensors that do not require mounting are also available.

Lead Out Length

Our float switches and level sensors can be customized with lead out lengths ranging from inches to over 20 feet.

Wire Type

22 AWG Teflon wire comes standard for our switches, but other custom materials may be used to meet specific demands or requirements.

Discrete Wires

Discrete wiring is available for rugged or other specialty applications.

Jacketed Cable

Cables and wiring can be jacketed for use in harsh or volatile environments.

Float Switch Length

Switch lengths can range from a few inches to more than a foot depending on your needs.

Float Style

Floats are available in numerous materials with normally open and normally closed configurations.

Integrated Electronics

Custom electronics can be integrated for a variety of uses and applications.

Through-Hole of Fully Submerged Mounting

Don’t worry about submerged mounting with SMD, we can customize switches for through-hole or fully-submerged applications.

Integral O-Ring or Gasket Seals

Custom mounting options make sure that your sensor is in place and working at 100% from day one.

Flying Lead, with Connector or Integrated Connector

SMD Fluid Controls offers numerous wiring configurations.

Integrated Liquid Temperature Sensor Option

Does your application require temperature as well as liquid level sensing? We can integrate these two functions into a single unit, saving space and resources.

Intrinsic Safety Certification or MIL-STD Approvals

Safety is important in any application. If yours requires special attention due to specific operating conditions or compliance demands, we’ll work with you to make sure your demands are met.

Small-Batch Production or High-Volume OEM Requirements

No matter the quantity, SMD Fluid Controls works with clients large and small.

If you are interested in a Multi Level Float Switch, we have a form that can be filled out displaying all the ways you can customize your switch. This custom form gives you the opportunity to tell us exactly what you need.  Because this form has the majority of the custom specifications to fill out, our experienced engineers can began to brainstorm on your unique multiple level liquid level sensor. Click on the button below to navigate to the custom form.