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Vertical Float Switches

Vertical liquid level sensors are mounted on the top or bottom of a tank or vessel. Vertical fluid switches have two parts: a stem and a float. The stem is stationary and attaches to the top or bottom of a tank. One or more reed switches are hermetically sealed inside and wires going to the outside of the tank. The float is a doughnut-shaped object placed around the stem that rises and falls with the level of the liquid. When the level of the float aligns with the level of the reed switch inside the stem, it magnetically actuates the reed switch, sending an electrical signal through the wires to the outside of the tank.

These reed switches are available in either normally open or normally closed configurations (Normal Positions of Fluid Switches). Vertical Float Sensors come in a variety of materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and others for broad chemical compatibility with a variety of liquid media. Each of our switches is customizable to meet the demands of nearly any industry. Common applications for SMD Fluid Controls’ vertical float switches include: aquariums, HVAC, medical, marine uses, wastewater treatment, chemical processing, breweries and wineries, bioprocessing, and more.

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