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FH16 Stainless Steel Offset Float Switch


This horizontal stainless steel float switch is designed to be corrosive resistant.

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Product Description

The FH16 Stainless Steel offset liquid level switch was designed to avoid fluid contact with the sensor’s pivot point. This makes the device ideal for use in viscous / sticky mediums because the FH16 is corrosion resistant and durable. This device avoids lime-scale buildup which is a significant issue with level switch operations. This offset float switch can also help in fluids where debris or sediment is present on the water surface, which can cause movement issues on other float switch designs.


Key Features: 

  • Non contact pivot point
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Large ball float
  • Low level sensing
  • Horizontal  mount via M10 threads


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Additional information

Weight 0.58 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6.3 × 4 in
FH16 Switch Type

FH16-0011, FH16-0111