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OS7 High Performance Optical Liquid Level

This optical sensor is capable of withstanding high and low temperatures and with options for high switching currents. With multiple output configurations and several thread types available, or, the OS7 can be supplied with custom thread types.


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Product Description

The OS7 high performance optical fluid level switch offers larger mounting threads and robust stainless steel housings that can survive in aggressive environments. A microcontroller based sensor incorporates an infra-red LED and phototransistor which are optically coupled by the tip when the sensor is in air. A range of N and P type output configurations can sink or source up to 800mA, all of which can be configured to output a high or low signal in either a wet or dry state. A stainless steel housing and a polysulfone tip provides excellent chemical resistance.

This optical level sensor is extremely accurate for point level detection, offering larger mounting thread options and made from robust stainless steel designed for aggressive environments. Optical liquid sensors operate accurately in any size tank, and are designed with a very robust construction permitting use in a wide variety of demanding applications. As a result optical sensors are a go-to option for leak detection. The monitoring and prevention of leaks is critical for service interruptions, to protect equipment and is critical to many industries. Optical sensors can be mounted inside or outside of any tank, ideal for industrial applications because they are compatible with most fluids and chemicals.


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Product Number Configuration

Sensor Termination:M12 Brad Harrison Micro (IP67) | Cable: 0.5 m, 1 m or 3 m (IP67) | 24 AWG, 0.2 m PTFE wires, 8 mm tinned (IP65)

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OS7 High Performance Optical Liquid Level

Spec Part
Switch Type Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Current Supply Voltage Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage
OS07 Quote 200 mA 140° C 363 psi N/A 200 mA 30 VDC N/A N/A