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FM04 – Plastic Custom Multi Level Liquid Sensors

Regulate liquid levels, detect fluid leaks, and more with the FM04 series of plastic multilevel float switches. Fully customizable to work across a near-endless variety of applications, our polypropylene level switches are unmatched reliability and longevity.

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Product Description

Custom plastic multi level fluid sensors help to regulate multiple liquid levels, detect fluid leaks, and more. The FM04 plastic multi point level switch is fully customizable to work across a nearly-endless variety of applications. These multilevel polypropylene sensors are unmatched reliability and longevity. The FM04’s materials are compatible with a wide range of chemicals: the stem is polypropylene and the 1″ floats are closed-cell foamed polypropylene.

This Multi Point Level Detector can be top or bottom-mounted with a single through-hole. Multi-level liquid sensors can be customized to meet your exact specifications, including length, the number of floats, float position, normally open/normally closed operation, wire type, mounting options, temperature sensor integration, and more. Multi-level sensing is ideal for many markets like chemical processing, food and beverage, and Clean in place (CIP) systems.


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Additional information

Switch Type

50 (NO, NC)

Max Switching Current

0.5 A

Max Switching Voltage

250 VDC

Max Temp

105° C

Max Pressure


Specific Gravity


Supply Current


Supply Voltage