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FS22 – Fluid / Oil Level Sensor

Vertical, oil and liquid level sensor, made from rubber and stainless steel allow the user to measure multiple liquids in one vessel.

Float Switch Handling

Product Description

This vertical float switch is designed to measure fluid and oil levels in vessels and tanks. The FS22 Fluid and Oil Level Sensor is made from rubber and stainless steel. The Buna-N nitrile rubber to offer superb buoyancy and accuracy in oil and water applications. With 316 stainless steel float stem and bottom clip to offer corrosion resistance and added durability. High-voltage or SPDT options are available to suit a variety of industrial float switch applications. FS22 vertical oil and liquid level switches feature a specific gravity of 0.50 with a max temp of 120°C, 150 PSIG pressure max, and either 100 watts or 100-watt SPDT switches.

Combination oil level sensors are the right sensor to be used in a tank that collects runoff, where both water and oil might be present. Typically a pump is used to remove excess but must do so by taking each substance out one at a time. Oil, since it floats to the top, can be removed first and then recycled. The level sensor should indicate when all the oil’s been removed and turn off the pump before water is accidentally pumped into the oil reserve. Other suitable applications in the marine and automotive industries where the oil level is commonly measured.


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FS22 – Fluid / Oil Level Sensor

Spec Part
Switch Type Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Current Supply Voltage
FS22-1000 Quote 100 W (NO, NC) 3 A 400 VDC 120° C 125 PSIG 0.5 N/A N/A
FS22-2000 Quote 100 W (SPDT) 3 A 120 VDC 120° C 125 PSIG 0.5 N/A N/A