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API to SG Calculator

To convert API gravity to SG, use the following calculator. If the SG number is larger than our rating, the device will float successfully.
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Sinking VS Sourcing Digital Outputs

A sinking digital (input/output) provides a grounded connection to the load, whereas a sourcing digital(input/output) provides a voltage source to the load.
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4-20 mA PLC Calculator

To connect our float switches to a PLC for 4-20mA output, wire the switch with two resistors. Consult your PLC’s datasheet for input resistance (impedance) on analog input pins
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Pump Level Control

Controlling your fluid level with a pump or valve can easily be achieved by combining your SMD Fluid Controls product with a Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) relay.
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Magnetic Reed Switch Technology and Protection

Magnetic reed switch operation is simple but reliable. The float moves a sealed permanent magnet along the stem as the fluid rises and falls. As the magnets pass over the switch, the reeds are pulled together to create a highly reliable contact.
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Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity (SG) is the ratio of the object's density to that of water. Since water has a specific gravity of 1 at sea level, liquids and substances with a specific gravity lower than 1 will float in water. Therefore it is important to select the proper float switch and float for your application.
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