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FS21 – Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch

Stainless steel vertical float switch features a corrosion-resistant design, compact size and flexibility of float configuration.

Float Switch Handling

Product Description

This full-size stainless steel vertical float switch can be custom configured to meet the specific needs of standard and OEM applications. This vertical liquid level sensor is durably designed to be corrosion resistant. With a height of only 2,” this fluid switch brings peerless reliability and accuracy with the versatility to match any industry. As a result, the FS21 vertical float switch is ideally suited for potable water or chemical applications.

Specific gravity for all FS21 float switch models is 0.50, with 250°C max temperature and a max PSIG of 200. Switches are in 50 watt, 100 watt, and 100-watt SPDT configurations.

Pretty standard applications include home and restaurant appliances, like a dishwasher. The float rises as the water fills; once the float reaches a certain level, it triggers the reed switch, and the process ends: the reed switch sends a signal to open or close, and with that, water stops filling the dishwasher. Other home applications include water wells, using the vertical float switches to activate and deactivate well pumps.  Mounted at either the top or bottom a well.


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FS21 – Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch

Spec Part
Switch Type Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Current Supply Voltage
FS21-0000 Quote 50 (NO, NC) 0.5 A 250 VDC 150° C 200 PSIG 0.5 N/A N/A
FS21-1000 Quote 100 W (NO, NC) 3 A 400 VDC 150° C 200 PSIG 0.5 N/A N/A
FS21-2000 Quote 100 W (NO, NC) 3 A 120 VDC 150° C 200 PSIG 0.5 N/A N/A