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FS05 Adjustable Submersible Float Switch

Adjustable vertical float switch with standard 16 FT (5M) durable FEP cable

Product Description

The FS05 is designed to provide a field/site adjustable liquid level sensor. Ideal for oil and gas applications as well as in water/saltwater. This switch can be quickly installed and can be used for high-or-low-level sensing in tanks of up to 5 meters in depth. The 5 meters of FEP cable is fuel resistant, and able to be adjusted, reducing installation times and lead supply time. The Buna material float provides excellent buoyancy in diesel fuels. The float is also reversible to provide NC or NO switch types, simply remove the stem clip at the bottom of the device.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable switch point solution up to 5 meter depths
  • Fuel resistant materials, PVDF, BUNA, FEP
  • Small and cabled design means it can easily be stored or shipped
  • No need for longer leads times for custom sensor, ease of install
  • Easy to keep spares in stock or ship due to small size, cable can be coiled
  • Reversible float for NC / NO switch types
  • Can be used in Water/ Fuel/ other fluid types


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FS05 Adjustable Submersible Float Switch

Spec Part
Switch Type Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Current Supply Voltage
FS05-0111 Quote 50 W (NC) 0.7 A 200 VDC 80°C N/A 0.66 +/-0.1g/cm^3 N/A N/A
FS05-0011 Quote 50 W (NO) 0.7 A 200 VDC 80°C N/A 0.66 +/-0.1g/cm^3 N/A N/A