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FS20 – High Pressure Liquid Level Sensor

$48.00 - $67.00

FS20-2000 are temporarily unavailable.

Stainless steel vertical float switch features a corrosion-resistant design, compact size and flexibility of float configuration.

One of the most compact vertical float switches on the market, designed for small space constraints with excellent accuracy.

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Product Description

This is a high pressure vertical float switch is a dependable and durably designed. This vertical float switch is made from 316 stainless steel and can be custom designed for high pressure applications. The 2″ floats are exceptionally buoyant and provide both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) operation. Also available are high power and Single Pole – Double Throw (SPDT) options. Specific gravity for the FS20 high pressure vertical float switch is 0.70, with a maxim temperature of 150Β°C. This sensor also features a max or PSIG of 750. Switches are in 50 watt, 100 watt, and 100 watt SPDT configurations. Vertical float switches are used daily across all markets, home and industrial alike. Fish tanks, for example, use vertical float switches in the top-off systems to automate a pump. When a risky amount of water evaporation occurs, the reed switch closes, and the pump activates. Freshwater then gets pumped into the sump until the float switch opens. Then the pump deactivates. In industrial applications use vertical float switches to trigger alarms that regulate pump controls, prevent overflow, and shut the system off entirely if extremely low water levels are reached.   The β€œConfigure” button and submit your switch with special features or projected volume for immediate quoting

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Additional information

Weight 0.56 lbs
Dimensions 3.52 × 2.1 × 3.52 in
FS20 Series Type

FS20-0000, FS20-1000, FS20-2000