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FT20 – Custom Temperature Switch

This rugged temperature sensor can be customized for harsh environments and withstand high temperatures.


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Product Description

Custom temperature sensors are simply designed using thermocouples, measuring a wide range of temperatures, from hundreds of degrees below zero to as much as 150°C. The design of our temperature switches – a probe or thermowell is attached to a connection head and temperature lead out – makes for conveniently limited tank intrusion. Customizable mounting, sealing, and connection systems provide the unmatched versatility to meet your every need. These continuous-function temperature switches are ideal for a number of media, including water, oil, fuel, coolant, and more. Relevant industries include aquariums, brewing and distilling, food processing, and various medical applications.

Custom Temperature sensors are ideally suited for use in power plants, engines, pumps, compressors, reservoirs, and more, SMD Fluid Controls’ temperature sensors combine pinpoint accuracy with unrivaled quality and durability. Our FT temperature sensors can work on their own or be utilized in custom level sensors to combine functions and increase unit efficiency. The food and beverage industry is a large market for temperature sensor applications, combination liquid level, and temperature sensors are another good option to monitor the temperature in your fluid applications.


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Additional information

Switch Type

(NO) (NC)

Max Switching Current


Max Switching Voltage

120 VDC

Max Temp

150° C

Max Pressure

750 PSIG

£ Price (1-9)


Supply Current


Supply Voltage