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FLS010 – Plastic Flow Switch

Reliable in-line flow switches provide valuable flow/no flow sensing information for a wide range of applications.

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Product Description

This Plastic Flow Switch is a dependable, in line, piston style flow sensor made from POM (Acetal). This sensor is an accurate and cost-effective solution to set-point flow monitoring, indicating flow or no flow through reed switch technology featuring a simple make or break signal. This flow switch sensor can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on the customer’s preference. 

The FLS sensor can be used in cold or hot water up to 80℃. This flow sensor is ideal for HVAC, coolant, medical, welding applications as well as a number of other applications. The flow switch offers minimum flow rate sensing of 0.75 LPM, 1.25 LPM, and 1.75 LPM, featuring G 1/2”-14 (1/2” BSPP) male threaded connections for flexibility, and a choice of Barbed Hose or Coupling adaptors. 

The flow switch is an economical way to alert the user when there is a flow in a line, one of SMD Sensors more basic models that can be integrated into a simple or more complicated unit and can work with other sensors to detect other factors of your application.


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Product Number Configuration


FLS-010-075-X : POM in-line flow switch, sensing flow of 0.75 LPM, with barbed or threaded connector(s)

FLS-010-125-X : POM in-line flow switch, sensing flow of 1.25 LPM, with barbed or threaded connector(s)

FLS-010-175-X : POM in-line flow switch, sensing flow of 1.75 LPM, with barbed or threaded connector(s)

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FLS010 – Plastic Flow Switch

Spec Part
Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Current Supply Voltage
FLS010-XXX-X Quote 0.7 Amps 200 VDC 80°C 2.0 MPa N/A N/A N/A