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Horizontal Float Switches

Plastic and Stainless Steel Options

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Vertical Switch

Vertical Float Switches

For a Wide Variety of Applications

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Custom Switch

Custom Liquid Level Sensors

Designed Specifically for Your Application

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Group Sensor

Strain Measurement Devices

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Manufacturer and supplier of float switches, temperature sensors, highly customized liquid level sensors, and more.

We work to lower costs and increase productivity for our clients, offering competitive pricing for OEM designs and applications. These include machined level sensors, optical level sensors, ultrasonic liquid level sensors, and custom molded liquid level sensors in metals or plastics like stainless steel, polypropylene, and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). Contact us today to get started.

Vertical Float Switches

We provide full size, miniature, specialty, and customized vertical liquid level sensors in stainless steel and plastics for a range of applications. Mounted to the top or bottom of a vessel, these versatile pieces produce an electrical signal when liquid reaches a specified level.

Horizontal Float Switches

Side-mounted level sensors are ideal for tanks or vessels without accessible mounting points at the top or bottom, such as aquariums or open vats. These pivoted or angled level sensors are available in stainless steel or plastic.

Multi-Level Float Switches

Designing your own fluid level sensor or pump control is easy with SMD Fluid Controls. Our engineers will work with you to design custom, multilevel float sensors for measuring and regulating fluid levels in any tank or vessel.

Optical Level Sensors

Capable of point level sensing and pressure level sensing up to 2500 psi, optical liquid level sensors work with no moving parts and built-in electronics. Well-suited for tanks or vessels of almost any size.

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors

Incredibly accurate, cost-effective, and ideal for atypical or difficult fluids like acids or wastewater, ultrasonic liquid level sensors are an essential for many industries and applications.

Flow Switches

In-line, piston style, economical way to alert the user when there is a flow in a line, designed for cold or hot water and is ideal for HVAC, coolant, medical, welding applications.

Custom Temperature Sensors

Reliable temperature measurements are crucial in many industrial liquid processes – be confident  with SMD’s custom temperature switches, which are ideally suited to a diverse array of control and monitoring.

Level + Temperature Sensors

Streamline your fluid system by using one of our combination level/temperature switches, which act as level monitors and temperature sensors in a single unit. Minimize costs and simplify assembly.

Mechanical Sump Switches

Mechanical sump pump float switches provide direct control for sumps and open tanks. “Pump Down” and “Pump Up” models are available, with custom options to meet a variety of needs.

Submersible Tank Level Sensors

Submersible level  sensors are versatile components that gauge tank levels by measuring hydrostatic pressure, providing stable, continuous output in depths of up to 211 meters.

Relays & Electronics

Electronics and Accessories are used in tandem with SMD Fluid Control liquid sensors help to get accurate and repeatable fluid measurement readings in a vast number of applications.

Float Switch and Liquid Level Sensor Products

SMD Fluid Controls designs and manufactures vertical and horizontal float switches, custom multi level float switches, combination level and temperature sensors, ultrasonic liquid level sensors, and optical level sensors. We supply a diverse range of industries, including:

⋅ Aircraft and Aerospace
⋅ Alternative Energy
⋅ Boiler, HVAC, Air Handlers
⋅ Breweries and Wineries
⋅ Chemical Processing
⋅ Food Processing

⋅ Industrial Equipment
⋅ Marine
⋅ Oil and Gas
⋅ Specialty Vehicles: ATV, Farm Equipment
⋅ Water and Wastewater
⋅ Manufacturing

Whether you need a prefabricated float switch or a custom designed liquid level sensor, we can help. For customers who are need of replacement parts, a customized float switch, or specialty liquid level sensors, we offer full OEM services and designs. We can also design and supply machined level sensors or custom molded float switches in a large variety of metals or plastics. We’re proud to have locations in both the United States and the United Kingdom, capable of bringing businesses level sensing solutions across continents. Whatever your industry and whatever your needs, SMD Fluid Controls is the most trustworthy name in the business.