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FM20 & FM22 – Custom Multi Level Liquid Sensors

Stainless Steel Multi Point Level Sensors are durable and long lasting for a wide-variety of applications and highly customizable.

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Product Description

The FM20 multi point custom float switch is made from a 2″ diameter stainless steel. These larger more buoyant floats are perfect for years of corrosive resistant dependable service. Up to five levels can be used to control pumps, alarms or indicate general fluid levels.

The FM22 multi level float switch features a 1 1/4” diameter buna multipoint float switches. Ideal for heavy equipment, generators and fluid recovery involving lubricating oils, fuels, and wastewaters

Custom stainless steel multi-level switches are built for almost any application. Our FM20 and FM22 multi-level float switches are rugged, stainless steel units designed for full-size tank level detection or other custom operations. Corrosion resistance, high max pressure, and temperature thresholds mean that the unit can be used in a variety of different liquid media.

In some tanks, there is more than one liquid present needing measurement. Multi-point level sensors are used in these situations and can monitor multiple liquid level points within a single tank. These sensors regulate liquid levels, detect fluid leaks, and so much more. Their importance is further amplified when chemical contents are present which can pose unique dangers. In these challenging environments, customized solutions can be created to meet specific application needs and ensure accuracy and reliability.

Adjustable compression fitting can be incorporated with a pipe plug or flange to provide flexibility and adjust-ability. Combine your switch with a relay or J-box to switch heavier loads or facilitate wiring. Because the Multi-level Float Switches are highly customizable please fill out our FM packet


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Additional information

Switch Type

50 (NO, NC)

Max Switching Current

0.5 A

Max Switching Voltage

250 VDC

Max Temp

120° C, 150° C

Max Pressure

150 PSIG, 250 PSIG

Specific Gravity


Supply Current


Supply Voltage