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SwitchDAQ Liquid Level Monitoring System Simplifies CIP Systems

Clean-in-place (CIP) systems incorporate liquid level sensors to ensure that the appropriate amount of cleaning solutions and water is being utilized. In some instances, signal wire run distances can be very long to the monitoring station. With the incorporation of …
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Protect Your Fluid Control Electronics With A Junction Box

These electronic accessories allow for easy wire access to perform repairs or alterations. Protecting the wiring in your fluid control electronics is imperative, especially when your application deals with harsh environments while needing to produce accurate readings.
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Horizontal Fluid Switch To Help Prevent Build-Up

Limescale build-up is an incredibly common occurrence, happening when any hard water is stored in an environment. This often can create a problem when you need to have accurate fluid level measurements, and the build-up may even threaten the integrity …
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Flow Switch Technology For Reliable Flow Detection

This rugged inline FLS flow sensor offers superior performance. The fixed set point and simple design make it extremely dependable. The FLS is an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable flow detection. These In-line Piston style Flow sensors are made from wetted …
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Thermofloat – For High Quality Autofriers

Automatic Oil fed Fryolator or Autofrier manufactures were looking to reduce part count and thereby reduce cost in the design of their new style Autofriers. SMD Sensors came up with the solution to combine a high-temperature reed switch actuated by a float
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Optical Sensors That Prevent Oil Tank Leaks

Optical liquid level sensors are designed with no moving parts making them cost efficient and accurate. Plastic and stainless steel sensors are designed to withstand different types of fluids and applications. Both materials are ideal for helping to protect against leaks in oil/ water tanks and more.
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Customize Your Liquid Level Sensor with SMD Fluid Controls

Custom solutions are a specialty at SMD Fluid Controls, with more than half of our business being custom-designed sensors that are created to fit specific application needs. As a result, we can expertly craft float switches for your particular levels, fluid type, float positions, and more.
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Float Switches For Oil Spill Containment

As much as we try to avoid them, oil spills happen. In fact, a major oil spill occurred in Baytown on February 3rd, 2020. Oil spills are, without a doubt, very dangerous: large oil spills contribute to the spread of …
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