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FH09 – 90° Horizontal Liquid Level Sensor

This 316 stainless steel horizontal-mount float switch bends at a 90-degree angle to function as a vertical float switch, perfect for tanks or vessels which require a vertical switch but lack top access.

Float Switch Handling

Product Description

This stainless steel horizontal float switch actually functions as a vertical float switch. Perfect for tanks or vessels which require a vertical switch but lack top access. The FH09 is a 316 stainless steel horizontal liquid level sensor bends at a 90° angle with PF 1/8 thread mounts with a gasket and nut through a 3/8″ Bulkhead hole. The electropolished liquid level sensor is functional up to 120°C and 250 PSIG pressure. As a result of its ideal for high-heat, high-pressure applications where corrosion-resistance is needed.

The 90-degree side mount makes this level sensor a good choice for high-level alarms in holding tanks or vessels in such applications like wastewater treatments. Many horizontal float switches have a “pivot style” design that leaves a gap that can lead to issues if the liquid or material can build up or block normal function by accumulating in the gap. The FH09 is a side-mounted fluid sensor without a pivot design making it the best choice in applications where material build-up could be a hindrance to the application.


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FH09 – 90° Horizontal Liquid Level Sensor

Spec Part
Switch Type Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity
FH09-0001 Quote 50 (NO, NC) 0.5 A 200 VDC 120° C 250 PSIG 0.75