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FS10 – Miniature Vertical Float Level Switch

1″ stainless steel vertical float switch continuously monitors liquid levels in a variety of applications, even in harsh environments.

Float Switch Handling

Product Description

This mini vertical float switch is a 1″ float and made of 316 stainless steel. These sensors are corrosion-resistant and ideal for applications where smaller devices are required. Different float configurations allow for greater flexibility and cost options. These float switches feature a specific gravity of 0.65.  The operational at a maximum temperature of 150°C and a maximum PSIG of 400. Providing both normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) operation with a 1” float and 50-watt switch, these tank level sensors are the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.

Stainless steel vertical float switches are ideal for such industries as food and beverage. Trying to get something exactly the same every single time can be a daunting task. For manufacturers, there is no other way. Maintaining consistent quality with every batch is critical to the bottom line and to maintaining customer loyalty. With level sensors, the food industry is able to monitor the contents of a tank or vessels for malfunctions or other factors contributing to inaccurate consistency.


FS10 – Miniature Vertical Float Level Switch


Max Switching
Max Switching
Supply Current Supply Voltage
FS10-0000 50 W (NO NC) 0.5 A 250 VDC 150° C 400 PSIG 0.65 N/A N/A Quote
FS10-0010 50 W (NO NC) 0.5 A 250 VDC 105° C 100 PSIG 0.70 N/A N/A Quote
FS10-0020 50 W (NO NC) 0.5 A 250 VDC 120° C 150 PSIG 0.50 N/A N/A Quote