Float switches and liquid level sensors are crucial components in a number of industries, and aerospace is no exception.

Liquid level sensors for aerospace are used for a variety of applications, including the following:

Oil level sensing

Fuel gauges and fuel level detection

Water interface detection

Hydraulic liquid monitoring

Coolant level monitoring

Collection sump monitoring

Regularly acknowledged as among the top players in the global float switch marketplace, SMD Fluid Controls is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of float switches, liquid level sensors, and other level detection and automation components.

In addition to numerous standard units, SMD Fluid Controls also offers OEM and customization services.

Horizontal Liquid Level Sensors

Horizontal liquid level sensors from SMD Fluid Controls include the side-mounted, stainless steel FH13. This sensor is corrosion resistance, operating with a functional maximum temperature of 120°C, and a maximum pressure rating of up to 125 PSIG making this a reliable choice for high-stress applications like those in aerospace.


Vertical Liquid Level Sensors  

Vertical liquid level sensors from SMD come in a variety of materials and configurations. Steel, plastic, rubber, and other materials are available based on your application’s requirements.


submersiable pressure switchHydrostatic Pressure Level Sensors

Aerospace can make for some pretty tough sensing conditions. Luckily hydrostatic pressure level sensors from SMD provide reliable, accurate readings through even the harshest of conditions.


Other Sensors from SMD Fluid Controls

SMD Fluid Controls also offers a variety of other sensor options, including the following:

Optical liquid level sensors

Combination level/temperature sensors

Flow meters

And more!

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