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measuring oil and water levels at the same time

Combination Float Switches: Available Options from SMD Fluid Controls

For many industrial applications, multiple sensor types are required—liquid level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow meters, or others. These various requirements can be expensive and difficult to integrate. But with combination switches from SMD Fluid Controls, the cost can …
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combustable fluids information

Level Sensors for Combustible Fluids from SMD Fluid Controls

Liquid level sensors are essential components in a variety of industrial applications. For many of these applications, the liquid media being measured is relatively benign, such as plain water and many non-corrosive chemicals. In applications involving combustible fluids or gases, …
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wine barrels for commercial wine industry using float switches

Liquid Level Sensors for Commercial Winemaking Equipment

Winemaking is a craft as old as civilization, but like most things, modern technology has changed it considerably. For one example, modern winemaking today relies heavily on float switches and other liquid level sensors. If you’re a winemaker or manufacturer …
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Water Control Sensors for Outdoor Wood Boilers & Furnaces

Creating a renewable heating source, an outdoor wood boiler or furnace presents a variation on the classic wood stove. The setup includes wood burned inside a firebox, with a “water jacket,” or chamber or water, surrounding. An exhaust heat reclaiming …
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Sensors for Craft Distillery and Micro-Distillery Equipment

America has been experiencing a huge surge in the popularity of craft and small-batch spirits coinciding with the craft beer boom. According to the American Craft Spirits Association, there are about 770 craft distilleries in the United States. That might not …
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Steam coming out from a copper tea kettle.

High Temperature Float Switches from SMD Fluid Controls

We often think of water and other fluids as things that are cool and refreshing, but in many industrial applications there are liquids that can make boiling water look safe by comparison. Food processing, pressurized fryers, steam tables, water purification, …
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