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Protecting Pumps with Level Sensors

Pump manufacturers play an important role in the industries they serve. Accurate and continued functionality of these systems is critical. From insurance risks to public safety, ensuring a system is designed to last and won’t break or fail when it’s …
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Level Sensors: How They Work & What They Do

How do you measure the level of liquid in a contained space that’s flowing freely and in some cases too hot or dangerous to come in contact with? The answer is –  Level Sensors. Using a magnet and reed, the …
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clean in place systems and float switches

Clean in Place & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Hygienic, sanitary measures are critical in many manufacturing facilities. From food and beverage to semiconductor and pharmaceutical, these systems ensure cleanability while reducing product loss and downtime. Known as Clean in Place (CIP) these systems use water, heat and/or chemicals …
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liquid level flow

Level Sensing: A Focus on Switches

Liquid level sensing is important in many industries and applications. From food and beverage to medical, industrial and even automotive. These sensors help predict failures, send early warnings and prevent catastrophes. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at …
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Optical Level Sensors for Leak Detection

Industries today are under constant demand to deliver always on and always reliable services – regardless of the environment. To assist them with this task, many are relying on technologies that monitor and accurately measure the solutions and systems that …
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growth chart

Liquid Level Sensing Market to Continue Strong Growth

Level sensing technologies play an important role in numerous applications. One function, the measure of liquids, is an especially critical element for medical appliances like dialysis machines as well as in HVAC, breweries and so much more. Their role in …
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The Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors

  When it comes to liquid level sensors, there are many different styles to choose from. Standard float switches are probably the most popular and well-known options, but there are also more sophisticated units like hydrostatic pressure sensors, optical liquid …
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