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Bilge Liquid Level Switch for Marine Applications

Many boat owners purchase additional items to add to their vessels to keep them running smoothly and efficiently on the water. Some of these extras that captains pick up, for example, are life jackets, a first aid dry box, and …
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Continuous Fluid Level Measurements and Accurate Weather

Weather forecasts involve a lot of in-depth measurements and data is collected to provide the most accurate and up to date information for users. The majority if not all USA weather information first comes from NOAA which is a government organization …
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food truck sensors

Hot Trend: How Sensors Enhance Food Trucks

Food trucks serve an estimated 2.5 billion people every day. The trend that emerged in Los Angeles a decade ago began mostly as a way to get fresh tacos while on the go. Now, there’s a food truck revolution happening …
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Custom Multilevel Sensors

Multilevel Sensors for Chemical Processing

Chemical processing plants are under stringent demands for quality and accuracy. These facilities also operate under unique environments where caustic fluids are present. One small inconsistency can easily result in a bad batch or even dangerous outcomes. To improve the …
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liquid level flow

Level Sensing: A Focus on Switches

Liquid level sensing is important in many industries and applications. From food and beverage to medical, industrial and even automotive. These sensors help predict failures, send early warnings and prevent catastrophes. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at …
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Study: Global Float Switch Market to Continue Upward Trend

The global float switch market is on a steady incline with growth rates increasing by $43.9M. This accounts for a CAGR of more than 3 percent according to the latest research from TechNavio. Float Switch Applications Float switches are significant …
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Fluidswitch FH13

What to Look for When Buying a Float Switch or Level Sensor

Float switches and liquid level sensors play an important role in applications across many industries. While they are used for detecting, measuring and monitoring liquids and other fluids, it’s their reliability that makes them perfect for both the simplest systems …
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