Weather forecasts involve a lot of in-depth measurements and data is collected to provide the most accurate and up to date information for users. The majority if not all USA weather information first comes from NOAA which is a government organization that provides weather forecasts, climate information, ocean, and coast data, fisheries, satellite images, and more. “Each year, NWS collects some 76 billion observations and issues approximately 1.5 million forecasts and 50,000 warnings.” Local and national news stations get their information from NOAA and interpret the data and tailor the forecast to their location and interpretation of the data. Home weather stations are becoming more and more popular, creating an independent view of weather patterns and data. One of the most standard forms of independent weather measurements is a rainfall collector, simply measuring via a container how much rainfall happens during the day or a particular storm.

Continuous fluid level measurements and rainfall totals

Rainfall measuring devices require constant measurements of the rain that is being collected during a storm. SMD Fluid Controls has recently developed a continuous float switch that does just that. With one float that moves up and down on a stem with the rising and falling of the liquid in the collection container. Made from durable stainless steel this sensor can preform uninterrupted measurements, making it ideal for weather monitoring systems that are observed 24/7 for data. There are numerous sensors located in the stem of the float that record information that can be accessed through a PC or IOS app on an iPhone or iPad. This new float switch will be available soon, check back soon for photos and demo videos of this new sensor. And as a reminder, all of our float switches can be custom designed for your specific application needs.


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