If you’ve decided to add a float switch to your current project, you might be wondering at what point you should install it, and what factors would be best considered as you make your float switch selection. Here are some key pointers that you should take into consideration before the installation of a float switch.

Stay Away from Outlets

It is important to ensure that float switches are not located near inlets or outlets where water flows.  Where surface waves occur, a time-delay relay or stilling tube can be used. To allow for free travel inside the tube for the float switch, be sure to drill vent holes and use a spacer.

Be Careful with Submerging

If the float switch must be submerged you need to seal the top because over time water will get into the stem and cause issues.

Internal & External Mounting Tips

If you’ll be mounting a float switch internally remember that both the mounting flange and floats have to fit through the hole. When external though, only the float has to fit through the hole, so the mount can be larger if needed.

Understanding Fittings

Creating a perfect seal is important when it comes to installation. With pipe thread fittings, a seal is created via the metal-to-metal connection between male and female parts. Unfortunately if overtightened, it’s easy to split the thread and render the seal unsound.

Teflon tape or liquid threat sealants can be used to help with fittings in some cases but will contaminate fluid systems, if that’s a concern.

Load Protection

There’s a lot to consider in terms of load protection when it comes to a float switch. Done wrong, there can be unnecessary sparks, welding, arcing and even shorting. Depending on the application and wattage load you should use a protector like a diode or a resistor to protect the connection and stop failures.

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