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Level Sensors: How They Work & What They Do

How do you measure the level of liquid in a contained space that’s flowing freely and in some cases too hot or dangerous to come in contact with? The answer is –  Level Sensors. Using a magnet and reed, the …
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float switch market growth

Pressure Sensor Market to See Strong Growth

Pressure sensors are important because they accurately measure and monitor critical elements in so many applications. Everything from the air in tires, to the oil needed for a machine to run, is made possible thanks to proper pressure sensors. As …
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The Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors

  When it comes to liquid level sensors, there are many different styles to choose from. Standard float switches are probably the most popular and well-known options, but there are also more sophisticated units like hydrostatic pressure sensors, optical liquid …
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well pumps at home wells and float switches

Float Switches for Well Pumps

Wells have been an important part of the human infrastructure for thousands of years. Water is essential for everyday life, and wells make it possible to rely on a clean, ready source of fresh drinking water right beneath one’s feet. …
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Liquid Level Sensors and Float Switches for Oil Tanks

Oil tanks, particularly where drilling and fracking are concerned, cover a range of functions, but through all, liquid level sensors play a part. General Use Whether oil’s coming from a well or getting sourced via hydraulic drilling, tanks in the …
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