Pressure sensors are important because they accurately measure and monitor critical elements in so many applications. Everything from the air in tires, to the oil needed for a machine to run, is made possible thanks to proper pressure sensors.

As the use cases develop, the market for pressure sensors is also experiencing strong growth. A recent report from Zion Market Research found that the pressure sensors market will reach $9.5B by 2020. This represents a 6 percent CAGR from 2014 when the market was valued at $6.5B.

Industry Demands

Demands are being driven by the usage of pressure sensors in the automotive industry to monitor tire and gas pressure and to meet stringent government regulations. Also expected to drive growth is the use of pressure sensors in medical devices and applications to monitor things like blood pressure and proper drug delivery as well as in consumer electronics – think wearable devices and smartphones that can perform functions more precisely with sensors.

Other industries benefiting from the use of pressure sensors include oil & gas, wastewater and wells, where measuring liquids can be hard to do or difficult to reach. In these cases, downhole submersible sensors are used to reach depths of up to 700 feet and can be submerged in liquid to measure pressure output.

Fluidswitch FT60 pressure sensors


Fluidswitch offers liquid level sensing with its FT60 pressure sensors used to indicate the level of liquid by continuously measuring hydrostatic pressure with a sophisticated sensing element.


SMD Pressure Sensors


SMD manufactures pressure sensors like the P571 pressure sensor, for use in pressure transducers and other OEM pressure measurement applications like aerospace, automotive, industrial, down-hole and so much more. Our specialty is in offering solutions that work for you.



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