Knowing how much fuel is in a holding tank is imperative for proper operation and distribution. Commercial vehicles and tractor-trailers need to fill their fuel tanks before they set off on their journeys, and to make the process as smooth as possible knowing how much fluid is in the tank is important. Because holding tanks are rarely if ever seethrough, determining how much liquid is located in the tank can be challenging without liquid level sensors.

When SMD Fluid Controls was approached by a client who required liquid level sensors for diesel tanks in large quantities, we quickly got to work to find the best solution.

The diesel tanks came in many different shapes and sizes. The device needed would be required to signal low and high-level fuel warnings. It would then send a signal back to PLC for high-levels providing a make circuit on the level rise (Normally open) and for low level providing a make circuit on level fall (normally closed).

Rather than designing various shapes and size liquid level sensors, the customer requested a single design to provide a low cost/ compact device that could be stored and shipped easily to a location in the Middle East.  

As a solution for this request, our team of engineers designed the FS05 adjustable Float switch

One Device – Fits All, Adjustable Float Switch For Diesel and Adblue

The task of sourcing various level sensors to fit many jobs can be tricky and time-consuming. Typically, different job applications require the use of different sensors. If however, there was one compact adjustable level sensor that could fit many applications for tanks of various sizes and fluid types, it would save on installation time, storage costs, and shipping costs and enable clients to ship globally efficiently and also have the sensor in time for commissioning. 

SMD Fluid Controls wanted this sensor to be able to be used in many fluid types such as diesel, fuel,  Adblue, oil, and water and came up with the FS05 adjustable weighted float switch to provide a field/ site adjustable liquid level sensor. This device allows for quick installation. Simply loosen the cable gland on the top of the device and lower or raise the float to the desired switch level inside the tank, Re-tighten the weather-resistant cable gland to the set level.  

The FS05 can be used for high- or low-level sensing in tanks of up to 5-Meters in depth. The device comes supplied with 5-Meters of Fuel resistant submersible FEP cable and the Buna material float provides excellent buoyancy in low SG fluids such as Diesel. The float is also reversible to provide NC or NO switch types. Simply remove the stem clip at the bottom of the device. 

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