Many boat owners purchase additional items to add to their vessels to keep them running smoothly and efficiently on the water. Some of these extras that captains pick up, for example, are life jackets, a first aid dry box, and a machine that pumps out any water that gets into the bottom of the boat.

Boat owners and enthusiasts know how important monitoring any liquid levels in the bilge of the boat can be to keep your boat moving and running efficiently. Ideally, an automatic bilge pump is installed into this hollow space below the waterline in your boat. An automatic bilge pump is equipped with a float switch that automatically alerts or activates the pump upon detecting any liquid in its path. The level sensor is triggered when water reaches a predetermined level, typically this is well below the point at which it poses a genuine threat to the vessel. Once the sensor is triggered, it, in turn, activates the pump. Usually, the pump works with a small impeller at the bottom that pushes the water through a vertical tube, up and over the side of the boat.

Another important feature of the automatic pump is that it also turns off when the water level is sufficiently low. Helping to ensure that the pump motor won’t burn out or the boat’s onboard battery from being on for no reason.

Float Switch for Automatic Bilge Pump

The FS10FB slosh shield level switch has a model that is designed with marine applications in mind. The FS10-FB comes equipt with a slosh guard shield, this protects against any false measurements that would come from turbulent liquid moving, The acrylic guard allows for the fluid level to be measured in a controlled environment preventing a situation where the pump might go off and on due to little water in the bilge but moving whenever there is a big wave. This top-mounted stainless steel float switch is ideal for saltwater application because it is corrosion resistant and pressure-resistant up to 290 PSIG. The FS10 being a miniature float switch also makes it ideal for bilge pumps where space is of premium value with the acrylic fitting the FS10-FB is only 3″.

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