Cooking professionally is all about getting levels right. The right amount of each ingredient, each spice, time and temperature come together to make amazing meals.

So it follows that when manufacturing commercial restaurant and kitchen equipment, precise level measurement is essential.

If you’re looking for float switches or other liquid level sensors for restaurant equipment such as coffee makers, deep fryers, slush machines, ice machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more, SMD Fluid Controls can help.

SMD Fluid Controls designs manufactures, and sells float switches and liquid level sensors of all types, for a variety of industrial applications—restaurant equipment included. Custom design and OEM services are available for those interested.


Horizontal and Vertical Float Switches

SMD Fluid Controls offers vertical float switches and horizontal float switches in a variety of sizes, materials, and more to meet any need. Float switches are ideal for point-level monitoring in a variety of applications.

Combination Level/Temperature Switches

For restaurant appliances where both liquid levels and temperature need to be monitored precisely with a minimum of available mounting space, combination level temperature sensors from SMD are an ideal solution. The FM22 is one example of these versatile sensor devices.

Non-Contact Level Sensors

For non-contact or continuous-level sensing, ultrasonic liquid level sensors from SMD Fluid Controls are a great choice. Available in compact sizes and a variety of durable materials like high-pressure stainless steel.

Custom Solutions

If one none of SMD’s standard solutions is quite applicable to your needs, custom services are also available. SMD can design and manufacture switches specifically for your application or applications, with small-batch and high-volume orders available. With full-service locations in both the United States and the United Kingdom, SMD Fluid Controls can help clients on both sides of the pond.

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