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FM22 – Combo Level Temperature Switches

Combination temperature and liquid level sensors are ideal where precise measurement of fluid levels and temperatures are crucial.

Float Switch Handling

Product Description

This combination liquid level and temperature sensors are bimetal and snap-action all while providing temperature protection in most fluid systems. Thermostat sensors are designed to be normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) and will change state at a specified temperature. These slightly larger devices require full-size stems and an additional inch at the bottom of the stem.

Thermocouples are ideal for interfacing to existing meters, or where higher temperatures may exist. Ceramic filters can be used in place of standard potting to provide the level and temperature sensing to 250º C. These higher temperature devices are ideal for fast food fryers and food processing equipment. Resistive Temperature Detectors, or RTDs, provide accuracy and linearity at a low cost. Good for general-purpose appliance use and medical applications. Both thermocouples and RTDs can be easily incorporated in full-size and miniature products.

When manufacturers are designing CIP technologies for agricultural systems, they need to consider the various situations in which their equipment might be used and provide solutions that are versatile and effective. Level and temperature sensors are vital components.

Food and beverage and agricultural markets are an ideal use for combination liquid level and temperature sensors. These sensors can help agricultural workers make sure that they are using appropriate amounts of cleaning solutions and water. Temperature sensors can help farmers make sure that the cleaning solutions they use are heated to the temperatures that are appropriate for their circumstances so that the food they deliver to the market will be free of contamination and safe for consumption. Sensors can allow workers to monitor conditions throughout the CIP process and make sure they are always at correct levels. For restaurant and home appliances where both liquid levels and temperature need to be monitored precisely with a minimum of available mounting space, combination level temperature sensors are an ideal solution. 


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FM22 – Combo Level Temperature Switches


Max Switching
Max Switching
FM22-0194-TNC 50 (NO, NC) 0.5 A 200 VDC 120° C 125 PSIG 0.50 Quote
FM22-0194-TNO 50 (NO, NC) 0.5 A 200 VDC 120° C 125 PSIG 0.50 Quote
FM22-1051-TNC 50 (NO, NC) 0.5 A 200 VDC 120° C 125 PSIG 0.50 Quote
FM22-0150-TNO 50 (NO, NC) 0.5 A 200 VDC 120° C 125 PSIG 0.50 Quote