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Protect Your Fluid Control Electronics With A Junction Box

These electronic accessories allow for easy wire access to perform repairs or alterations. Protecting the wiring in your fluid control electronics is imperative, especially when your application deals with harsh environments while needing to produce accurate readings.
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liquid level flow

Customize Your Liquid Level Sensor with SMD Fluid Controls

Custom solutions are a specialty at SMD Fluid Controls, with more than half of our business being custom-designed sensors that are created to fit specific application needs. As a result, we can expertly craft float switches for your particular levels, fluid type, float positions, and more.
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Understanding Specific Gravity & Float Switch Selection

Specific Gravity in liquid level measurement refers to the ratio of the density of a substance within a tank. For fluid monitoring levels, this factor is an important one to consider as it ensures selection the of an appropriate float …
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chemical lab

Keep Pharmaceutical Storage Tanks Clean With Liquid Level Sensors

There are few automated processes as critically effective to pharmaceutical manufacturers as Clean-in-Place (CIP). CIP allows manufacturers to clean their tanks without having to disassemble them. Naturally, this method drastically improves productivity and lead time. How CIP Works While the …
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Custom Multilevel Sensors

Multilevel Sensors for Chemical Processing

Chemical processing plants are under stringent demands for quality and accuracy. These facilities also operate under unique environments where caustic fluids are present. One small inconsistency can easily result in a bad batch or even dangerous outcomes. To improve the …
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clean in place systems and float switches

Clean in Place & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Hygienic, sanitary measures are critical in many manufacturing facilities. From food and beverage to semiconductor and pharmaceutical, these systems ensure cleanability while reducing product loss and downtime. Known as Clean in Place (CIP) these systems use water, heat and/or chemicals …
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beer brewing

Craft Beer Not the Same without Temperature Sensors & Float Switches

Breweries and the popularity around drinking craft beer selections aren’t an entirely new concept. Sure we’ve all heard of the big-name beer companies, but independently-owned operations, better known as “microbreweries,” have really become a trendy and in-demand industry over just …
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Float Switches for UL Hazardous Locations

Across the world, employers are becoming more and more attuned to the demands of worker safety, especially in dangerous industries like oil and gas. This makes the work of safety certification companies like UL more important than ever. Among many …
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