What is a “J-Box”?

Junction boxes are used in thousands of applications, one common sector being fluid level controls. “J-Boxes” enclose wiring connections through the use of housings. These electronic accessories allow for easy wire access to perform repairs or alterations. Protecting the wiring in your fluid control electronics is imperative, especially when your application deals with harsh environments while needing to produce accurate readings.

Harsh environments may include outdoor weather, chemical liquid exposure, or even explosive atmospheres. Dealing with the elements and/or harsh chemicals can often be corrosive or possibly detrimental to wiring. Junction boxes also allow for extra security to protect against any unwanted wire meddling.

F31 Junction Box Series

Our multi-liquid level sensors and (soon to come) continuous fluid switches can be paired with these J-Box options and are ideal for use in small to large drums, tanks, and other containers. SMD junction boxes are pre-assembled with proper enclosures, saving time while offering reliable and safe usage.

The internal electronics are protected from the external environment because the terminal heads provide good temperature and ingress protection (IP). SMD offers a range of J-Box options based specifically on your application, our line comes in aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon, with one of our aluminum boxes being explosion-proof.


J-Box Features:

• Protects conductors in threaded rigid conduit
• Acts as pull and splice boxes
• Provide access to conductors for maintenance and future system changes
• Acts as mounting outlets for fixtures or sealing fittings (with appropriate covers)

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