Custom solutions are a specialty at SMD Fluid Controls. More than half of our business are custom designed sensors that are created to fit specific application needs. As a result, we can expertly craft float switches for your particular levels, fluid type, float positions, and more. Multi-Level Float Switches are completely custom. When creating a one of a kind multi level float switch you can configure and customize up to six fluid levels to meet a near-endless number of needs. Our standard sensors can easily be made with custom specifications in mind to fit into your OEM applications and your DIY projects.

Process to Create Custom Fluid Switches

Step 1: Meet with You to Understand Your Vision
If you know what type of float switch you need, but you don’t know how to make it happen, we are here to help. Our mission is to turn your vision into reality. By discussing the end goal for your project, your specific requirements we can understand what it is you need and how we can help you reach that goal.

Step 2: Create a Written Quotation for Your Project
Once we discuss your project and decide what level sensor best fits your needs, we will create an estimate for a prototype, as well as the finished product. The quote will outline the timing of the project, the design process of the part and the cost of the custom level switch.

Step 3: Start Designing Your Custom Fluid Switch
Once the quote is agreed upon, our engineers work their magic by using your specifications and turning them into your ideal liquid level sensor. As the project progresses, we schedule many conference calls to make sure wse’re on the same page. The design process can sometimes be complicated. If any trade-offs are needed during the design of the product, we want you to be involved in the decisions that are being made so that your custom fluid switch is optimally designed for your needs.

Also, during this process, we conduct many failure and risk assessment tests to ensure the part will be durable and long-lasting in the required environment. Your satisfaction is the most important to us, so updates are to be expected as the product is being fashioned to discuss progress along the way.

Step 4: Provide You with Product Samples
After the primary design is agreed upon, our engineers assemble and test prototypes of the design in-house. Your feedback is paramount to make sure the prototype performs all of your specifications. If changes in the design are needed, we will repeat the process until we have a design that is ready to be sent to production. No matter how many times the prototypes need to be created, we work hard to get your parts ready on time so your final project schedule can be met.

Step 5: Finalize Your Product Design & Send to Production
After you sign off on the final design of your custom fluid switch, the design is production-ready. Once we finalize the documentation, the part can be assembled in our in-house manufacturing facilities and then sent right to you!

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If you are interested in a Multi Level Float Switch, we have a form that can be filled out displaying all the ways you can customize your switch. This custom form gives you the opportunity to tell us exactly what you need.  Because this form has the majority of the custom specifications to fill out, our experienced engineers can began to brainstorm on your unique multiple level liquid level sensor. Click on the button below to navigate to the custom form.



If you would like to add custom features to any of our other float switches or would like to discuss sensor options with our engineering team please contact us with the form to the left. When you contact us, please give us as much information that you think would be helpful to determine your sensor needs in the comments section.