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food truck sensors

Hot Trend: How Sensors Enhance Food Trucks

Food trucks serve an estimated 2.5 billion people every day. The trend that emerged in Los Angeles a decade ago began mostly as a way to get fresh tacos while on the go. Now, there’s a food truck revolution happening …
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maple syrup

A Sweeter Maple Syrup Season with Level Sensors

In just a few short months, farmers here in New England will gear up for one of the most important seasons of the year – Maple Syrup making! Perhaps one of the most favored products to come out of the …
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Clean in Place: Keeping the Dairy Industry Sanitary

The dairy industry is a vital part of the global food system. Milk provides necessary nutrients to families and many of its byproducts are the key component in a balanced diet. In a large scale production setting, there are not …
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beer brewing

Craft Beer Not the Same without Temperature Sensors & Float Switches

Breweries and the popularity around drinking craft beer selections aren’t an entirely new concept. Sure we’ve all heard of the big-name beer companies, but independently-owned operations, better known as “microbreweries,” have really become a trendy and in-demand industry over just …
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How Level Sensors Are Used for Food Processing

Level sensors play an integral role in many industries. From monitoring critical liquid levels to ensuring safety, the applications are vast. In the food processing industry, the ability to prevent harmful contamination, spoiling, or machine malfunction, are just a few …
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cooks working in a restaurant kitchen

Float Switches and Level Sensors for Restaurant Equipment

Cooking professionally is all about getting levels right. The right amount of each ingredient, each spice, time and temperature come together to make amazing meals. So it follows that when manufacturing commercial restaurant and kitchen equipment, precise level measurement is …
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wine barrels for commercial wine industry using float switches

Liquid Level Sensors for Commercial Winemaking Equipment

Winemaking is a craft as old as civilization, but like most things, modern technology has changed it considerably. For one example, modern winemaking today relies heavily on float switches and other liquid level sensors. If you’re a winemaker or manufacturer …
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