Chemical processing plants are under stringent demands for quality and accuracy. These facilities also operate under unique environments where caustic fluids are present. One small inconsistency can easily result in a bad batch or even dangerous outcomes. To improve the measure of liquids at these facilities, level sensors are required that can be customized to fit different tanks and to be chemically resistant.

Choosing the right level sensor can improve quality and maximize output while also providing key real-time data on the liquids in vessels.

Here are some options to consider when it comes to multilevel sensors for chemical processing.

Direction & Location of Switches

One of the key considerations when choosing the correct level sensor for chemical processing is where and how it will be mounted. Both Horizontal and Vertical sensors mounted on top, bottom and tank level, can be made from a variety of materials depending on the chemicals used.

The FM10 & FM20 multilevel float switches are ideal for many chemical environments because they resist corrosion and can be used in restrictive spaces as well as handle high pressures and temperatures being used in many chemical applications.

Customized multilevel float switches can be used when you need precise monitoring of liquid levels in a tank while also saving space.

Early Planning Help

If your application will require a customized level sensor or float switch, but you’re unsure exactly what’s needed, the engineers at SMD Fluid Controls will work with you to design a fully customized multilevel fluid switch that does what you need it to, precisely and unique to your needs. Configure and customize switches and sensors work with up to six fluid levels.

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