The heavy trucking industry is one of the major freight movement resources in the U.S. From large tractor trailers transporting goods and materials, to construction industries that must haul large building materials and a number of other applications for 18 wheelers and semis – it’s clear these large vehicles play a critical role in the economy and the businesses they serve.

To ensure they are safe for the roadways, operating efficiently, and that drivers can maneuver them as intended, careful monitoring and care of their components is necessary.

This is where level sensors find application in heavy trucking.

The accurate measure and relay of critical information about the mechanics, location and fluid levels on the trucks are all made possible through the use of special built sensors.

Here are just a few of the level sensor applications heavy trucking utilizes:

Coolant Level Sensor

Having a sensor mounted to the tank to monitor coolant levels lets truckers know when the coolant is low and could present danger. There are even cases where very low levels can be used to start and slow the speed and then power down the truck so it stops before overheating.

Fluid Quality Sensor

Whether the truck is running on gasoline or diesel, changing conditions of the fuel can affect performance. Ultrasonic sensors used to measure the specific density of a fluid and track any changes to keep the environment safe from dangerous exhaust fumes and the entire system of the truck running at the proper performance.

Fuel Level Sensor

Running out of gas is a problem for any motorist on the road. When you’re traveling hundreds of thousands of miles and have contracted deadlines for deliveries, these kinds of stops can cost a business several thousands of dollars. A fuel level sensor offers the added peace of mind that truckers won’t run out of fuel when they need it most.

Looking for a level sensor that solves a unique industry need?

SMD Fluid Controls designs and manufactures a diverse range of level sensors and float switches from OEM to custom applications.

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