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OS950 – Miniature Plastic Optical Level Sensor

Product Description

SMD Fluid Controls is no longer offering the OS950 optical sensor for sale online. We have launched a series of new optical sensors and the OS3 Industrial Optical Switch offers comparable features and can be used in the same applications.

Please visit the OS3 page for more information. 


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This plastic miniature optical liquid level sensor is made from the durable polysulfone polymer housing and lacks any moving parts. The OS950 plastic level switch is ideal for point level monitoring in medical diagnostic equipment, dialysis systems, sterilizers and washers, and other OEM industrial and medical applications. Built-in optical electronics provide a switched output level sensor that can sense the presence or absence of fluids. The OS950 can withstand temperatures up to 125°C and pressures up to 250 PSIG.

Optical sensors can detect and sense different types of liquids that do not dissolve when together, like oil and water. The optical switches operate off of an infrared LED. The LED checks for changes in the light’s transmission (reflection) to detect and confirm changes. Optical liquid sensors operate accurately in any size tank. As a result, optical sensors are a go-to option for leak detection. The monitoring and prevention of leaks are critical for service interruptions, to protect equipment and is critical to many industries. Optical sensors are noninvasive in nature, they can be mounted outside of any tank, therefore they are ideal for Clean in Place systems in markets like food and beverage and agricultural markets.

OS950 – Miniature Plastic Optical Level Sensor

Spec Part
Switch Type Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Current Supply Voltage
OS950 Quote Current Sink 40 mA 30 VDC 125° C 250 PSIG N/A N/A N/A