Agitated liquid like this poses a problem for accurate level sensing. One of the most persistent problems encountered in industries reliant on float switches or other devices for liquid level measurement is that of irregular switch operation caused by turbulent liquids or agitation. Turbulence and agitation can be caused in tanks and other vessels as a result of mixers, boiling liquids, rapidly surging or cascading liquid levels, mechanical vibrations, solid particles and more, causing decreased accuracy and even damage to sensitive switches. Luckily, SMD Fluid Controls is able to offer simple solutions to these common problems.

Float Switch Solutions for Agitated Liquids

Float switches are extremely common and reliable devices that perform in a wide range of liquid level monitoring applications. They are, however, particularly susceptible to problems caused by agitation, such as rapid switch activation and deactivation (also known as on-off cycling or chatter) and premature wear.

Luckily, these issues can be prevented with a simple guard installed around the switch, known as a slosh guard or slosh shield. Slosh guards sheathe the switch while still letting in an amount of liquid adequate to monitor tank levels. This weakens or completely eliminates the effects of the liquid agitation, and allows for accurate tank level measurement.

Slosh guards are workable solutions for both vertical and horizontal float switches, and like all of our products can be made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, nylon, polypropylene, PVC, and more depending on your application’s specific needs.

Solutions for Ultrasonic Level Sensors

With ultrasonic level sensors, liquid turbulence, foaming, or other variables can distort the pulses of sound that reverberate back to the unit to provide level measurements. This can be attenuated by mounting the sensor to the top of what’s known as a still pipe, which is usually mounted to the top of the vessel and extends below the water level. The interior of the still pipe is protected from the turbulence outside, and also improves the function of the sensor by focusing the sound pulse.



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