Horizontal Float Switches

Side-mounted float switches are mounted through a hermetically sealed hole on the side of a tank. When the level of the tank’s liquid rises or falls past the level of the float, the float will rise and fall with it, activating the switch. Wires then send an electric signal to the outside of the tank through the watertight seal, making these components essential for accurate monitoring or regulation of fluid levels in many contexts.

Like side-mounted switches, 90 degree mount float switches are mounted through the side of a tank. However, they function as vertically mounted switches, with a doughnut-shaped floats rising and falling with the level of the liquid around stems, actuating reed switches inside the stems.

Plastic Side Mount Float Switches

These side-mounted float switches are available in polypropylene, nylon, and Kynar, making them ideal for a variety of general use chemical applications. Easily mounted through a horizontal NPT fitting or internal through-hole, these liquid level sensors offer superior dependability and economy.

SS Side Mounted Float Switches

Similar to our other side mounted float switches, these stainless steel models are specifically designed and made out of corrosion resistant 300 and 304 series steel. Steel construction makes these models uniquely versatile and durable.