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The Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors

  When it comes to liquid level sensors, there are many different styles to choose from. Standard float switches are probably the most popular and well-known options, but there are also more sophisticated units like hydrostatic pressure sensors, optical liquid …
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Level Sensors for the Consumer Electronics Industry

Do you know what a liquid level sensor is? It’s a component that helps brew your morning coffee, and also helps your dishwasher clean your silverware. It’s also a part of your washing machine and other electronic household appliances that …
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Liquid Level Sensors and Float Switches for Oil Tanks

Oil tanks, particularly where drilling and fracking are concerned, cover a range of functions, but through all, liquid level sensors play a part. General Use Whether oil’s coming from a well or getting sourced via hydraulic drilling, tanks in the …
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Liquid Level Sensors for Household Appliance Manufacturers

As household appliances continue to become more sophisticated, the need for modern components increases. Dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, and more are all providing more and more functions to users, many of which are automated. One consequence of this trend …
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Liquid Level Sensors for Specialty Vehicles

While much gets made of the technological advances being made in the consumer auto industry, and rightfully so, there’s a great deal less being said about similar advances in specialty and commercial vehicles. As advances like increased fuel efficiency, hybrid …
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How to Tell if Your Liquid Level Sensors Need to Be Replaced

Liquid level sensors and float switches are extremely common devices which are necessary for a variety of applications in industries as diverse as aerospace, HVAC, oil and gas, manufacturing, wastewater treatment, brewing and distilling, and many more. While many float …
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Peristaltic Pump Leak Detection with Sensors from SMD Fluid Controls

Peristaltic pumps are common in many industries, including medicine and surgery, testing and research, agriculture, engineering, wastewater treatment, food processing, and more. These positive displacement pumps consist of a flexible tubing fitted inside of a circular pump, with “rollers” fitted …
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