Industries today are under constant demand to deliver always on and always reliable services – regardless of the environment. To assist them with this task, many are relying on technologies that monitor and accurately measure the solutions and systems that are critical to their operations.

This type of accuracy and monitoring while advantageous for some is absolutely critical in industries like.

What are Level Sensors?

Level sensors in a very basic sense do exactly what the name implies- measure the amount of substance contained in a vessel, vat, container or other apparatus. Typically a separate system is used to get the results of what the sensors are measuring and from that data, it’s possible to uncover whether or not further action, dangers or any other outcomes will occur.

optical level sensorHow are Optical Sensors Used?

While there are different types of sensors used for various types of liquids and other substances, optical level sensors can detect and sense different types of liquids that do not dissolve when together (like oil and water). The optical switches operate off of an infrared LED that checks for changes in the light’s transmission (reflection) to detect and confirm changes.

Advantages for Leak Detection

Since optical liquid sensors operate well in any size tanks, they are a go-to option for leak detection. The monitoring and prevention of leaks is critical for service interruptions, to protect equipment and is critical to many industries. From damage caused by mechanicals running dry, or water and oil spillage from leaks, the needs are varied.

As the importance of these sensors grows, the market will continue to increase in demand. Market projections from Research and Markets show the level sensor market will reach $5.32 billion by 2023.

SMD sensors are a great choice due to their superior accuracy, reliability, and long-term stability in harsh environments. Our optical liquid level sensors can be used for sensing in water and numerous other liquids to attain precise measurements.

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