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dehumidifer liquid level sensors

Perfecting Moisture Control with Liquid Level Sensors

For people living in New England this summer, humidity has become a regular weather occurrence. In addition to threats for tropical storms, the conditions make the skin feel sticky and even make it difficult to breathe. To assist with keeping …
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golf course turf

Float Switches for Better Turf Management

Turf management is an important area of focus today. So much so in fact, that entire educational studies dedicated to the profession and skill are now available. While the most popular form of turf management was developed due to the …
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Study: Global Float Switch Market to Continue Upward Trend

The global float switch market is on a steady incline with growth rates increasing by $43.9M. This accounts for a CAGR of more than 3 percent according to the latest research from TechNavio. Float Switch Applications Float switches are significant …
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Fluidswitch FH13

What to Look for When Buying a Float Switch or Level Sensor

Float switches and liquid level sensors play an important role in applications across many industries. While they are used for detecting, measuring and monitoring liquids and other fluids, it’s their reliability that makes them perfect for both the simplest systems …
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How Level Sensors Are Used for Food Processing

Level sensors play an integral role in many industries. From monitoring critical liquid levels to ensuring safety, the applications are vast. In the food processing industry, the ability to prevent harmful contamination, spoiling, or machine malfunction, are just a few …
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wastewater and float switches economical

Float Level Switches for Wastewater Environmental Safety

Municipal wastewater comes from a number of different sources: residential waste, industrial effluent, stormwater, road runoff, and more. On their own or together—but especially together—these fluids can pose a serious risk to humans and the environment. That’s why wastewater treatment …
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a freeze frame of a drip of yellow liquid splashing

Float Switches for UL Hazardous Locations

Across the world, employers are becoming more and more attuned to the demands of worker safety, especially in dangerous industries like oil and gas. This makes the work of safety certification companies like UL more important than ever. Among many …
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