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Protecting Pumps with Level Sensors

Pump manufacturers play an important role in the industries they serve. Accurate and continued functionality of these systems is critical. From insurance risks to public safety, ensuring a system is designed to last and won’t break or fail when it’s …
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water management tank

Better Water Management: Level Monitoring and Pump Controls

Water is an essential element that’s used in a multitude of ways each day. Proper management is important for safety measures as well as conservation efforts. For this reason, there are a number of wastewater treatment options and monitoring systems …
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Prevent Pump Failure, Choose the Right Float Switch

Float switches play an important role in pumping systems used to prevent flooding in various applications and industries. Typically, a float switch activates a pump system that relocates water (or other liquid) when it reaches a pre-indicated level. But sometimes, …
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Float Switches for Bilge Pumps

Automatic bilge pumps are important parts of any modern boat. Simply put, the bilge is the lowest compartment of a ship or boat, a hollow space below the waterline. Over time water invariably collects in the bilge. If this water …
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