Material Selection and Chemical Resistance Information

Choosing the correct switch materials can often mean the difference between years of dependable service and equipment failure. Materials that work well in oils or petroleum products may not be the best for common detergents or hot water.

  • Stainless Steel – Ideal for high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive environments such as food equipment, industrial tanks or durable general use.
  • Brass, Nylon or PBT stems with Buna-N Float – Good for petroleum products, oils and wastewaters. Buna-N floats have superior buoyancy and can be configured for oil-water interface detection.
  • General Use Plastics – Polypropylene, PVC and Polycarbonate good to 105 degrees Good choice for general use, acids or food applications. Can be designed economically or custom molded with additional features for OEM applications.

Material Chemical Compatibility ChartMaterial Selection Information