If there’s one thing any racecar team needs more than speed, it’s dependability. When a race is a neck and neck and the finish line is approaching, the crew needs a car with aftermarket performance parts that won’t clunk out.

The aftermarket automobile industry is a lucrative one for race aficionados on and off the track. For fabricators and manufacturers of these solutions that bring the promise of speed and performance, it means building solutions that can back up their claims.

Level sensors can find application in various aftermarket parts. For this post, we’re looking exclusively at fluid monitoring and how getting exact accuracy is oftentimes what’s needed to pull ahead of the competition.

Gas tank

Low-level sensors inside of a gas tank can alert the pit crew when fuel needs replenishing before it gets too low and will even pinpoint possible leaks or other issues causing fuel levels to go low prematurely. Manufacturers of aftermarket fuel tanks, gauges and other systems can add this capability to their offerings for ultimate appeal.

Oil Tank

One of the most important indicators that a car is operating at peak performance is how the oil is heating. Once the car is warmed up, testing to see that it’s running at the right levels for lubrication is a critical function to protecting the car and ensuring a smooth issue-free race. A level sensor can help with keeping track of levels in a sump and alerting the team when it’s overfilled or running dry.


Aside from pushing the gas pedal to the max, race cars need to be able to stop when the race is over or when they need to maneuver a curve. For this reason, brakes play just as an important role in the race process. To monitor brake fluid levels and ensure that the right type and consistency for braking performance is needed for top-of-the-line racing.

Each of these parts plays a significant role and work together to keep the driver safe while allowing the car to be pushed to its max and still perform well.

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