Oil and water don’t mix. It’s not only a common analogy used to describe two things that are very different from one another, but it’s also something that’s visually obvious if you’ve ever poured the two liquids into the same vessel. The oil will always float to the top because of the density and the molecules in each substance. In other words, their specific gravity values are different.

When it comes to monitoring liquid levels in a tank this might seem like an issue but with the right level sensor, it’s no problem at all. Here’s why.

First, let’s look at a more practical scenario of this occurrence:

In a tank that collects runoff at a worksite, for example, both water and oil will be present. A pump is used to remove excess but must do so by taking each substance out one at a time.

Oil, since it floats to the top, can be removed first and then recycled. The level sensor should indicate when all the oil’s been removed and turn off before water is accidentally pumped into the new oil reserve.

SMD Fluid Switch fs20

SMD answers the call for needs like this and more with its FS20.

The FS20 model float switches are intended to be used as an oil/water interface switch that will sink in oil and float on water. Made from 316 stainless steel and custom-designed for high-pressure applications, the models have a specific gravity of .70 with 150°C max temperature and a max PSIG of 750.

If you’re in the market for a specific density sensor to work with your application, let the experts at SMD Fluid Switch help. We can provide full size, miniature, specialty and customized vertical float switches perfect for the job whatever your industry and whatever your needs. 

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